Never Leave Room for Regrets

I was thinking today about all of the things I still want to do in my life. I wrote out a few of my goals. Some of them seem substantial and time-consuming, but time is going to come and go no matter what. I may as well figure out what I want to do with the time that I have.

The most important thing that kept popping up in my mind was that I wanted to make sure I had room in my life, in my days and my hours, to live a purposeful and rewarding life.

What this really means is that none of us should waste our valuable time. Rest & relaxation is necessary to rejuvenate, so that is not to what I am referring. What I am really asking you is if you want to wake up one day only to realize that you never pursued your passions, or fulfilled your dreams, or set your goals. If you ask yourself the question when it is too late, well, there may not be time to do anything about it.

There is something you can do now, however. Start to believe in yourself. Build your confidence and build your vision. Everyone has time constraints, but generally it is not time constraints, but mind constraints, that hold them back.

As I look at that list of goals, they do seem a bit lofty. On the other hand, why not? It is not like others have never achieved similar goals. I am not that different than any successful person out there, and neither are you.

Success builds when you try new things. The most successful people often try over and over until something finally works for them. They don’t easily give up. If one path has an abrupt end, they turn the corner to head in another direction.

There are so many things that I want to be,  such as writer, martial artist, life coach, motivator, and more. If there is something for sure that I don’t want to be, it is regretful. The best advice I can give is to use your time purposefully, and leave room for dessert after dinner , and room in your life for love, but never leave room for regrets.




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Andrea F. Harkins is a writer, motivator, life coach, martial artist, and public speaker. Her book, The Martial Arts Woman, is now available at themartialartswoman.storenvy.com.

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