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Take the First Step


It takes a leap of faith to try new things, overcome obstacles, or brave through battles. You can think about these things, but unless you take action to move forward, you will get nowhere. You must convince yourself to finally just go for it and lunge forward. From there, you will find the courage to continue. The first step is always the most difficult. The first step is often believing in yourself.

I love martial arts, but I would have never realized how right they were for me had I not taken a small courageous step forward. I love to write, but I would have never known success if I had not sent in my first magazine query. I had to take the first step.


All of your talents and interests mean that there is something more to be explored in your life. They are previews to who you are meant to be. Your crazy ideas or creative passions have a purpose. The purpose will never be revealed, however, without a great big leap of faith.

I am not telling you to go against the grain of who you are. I am suggesting that you think about what makes you happy, and why. Is it the excitement of new experiences, the love of a friend, the comfort of someone’s hand folded into yours,  the smell of flowers on a warm day, or your warm, cozy bed where you can curl up after a long day and relax?

All of these examples are unique to you. Your dreams and passions have significance, too. Do not let them fade, but embrace them as much as you embrace happy moments. Take the first step to making them a reality. Bring them to life!


Take all of the happy and beautiful moments of your life, mesh them with your interests, and see what evolves. Make the decision to believe in yourself, and to not worry about what others think. Let go of your failure fears and your worries about making mistakes or being imperfect. You will be amazed at how incredibly adept you are at creating a purposeful and powerful life! Jump headfirst into becoming the person you are meant to be. One step is all it takes to begin.

Stop delaying! No procrastinating! Today is the day to push through to a new you. Take the first step and create a purposeful and powerful forward momentum in your life.